Therapy activities

Therapy visit practice

A blanket-clad person wants to hug the dog during a weekly practice session.

Thinking about therapy work with your dog? Consider joining our group. Each week at practice we share experiences team members encounter on therapy visits. Therapy service is one of the major activities by students from our school.

Many of our Building Members and their dogs are certified by Therapy Dogs International (TDI) for work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libaries and with children, the elderly and handicapped.

Training for this work is done through our specialty classes.

Over the years we have observed remarkable achievements from our dogs–the autistic boy who spoke to the dog we brought to for him to work–the suicidal girl who smiled and stroked the dog that unexpectedly jumped into the girl’s hospital bed.

Dogs visit at Rusk Hospital photo by Hank Beck

Therapy teams visit hospitals weekly. This one at Rusk.

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We’d be happy to give you information about how you and your dog can get involved in this most rewarding work. Use the Contact Us tab above to talk with us about serving in this way.


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