About Us

Aerial view of training center

Aerial view of the buildings and grounds of our dog training center

 What we offer:

All-breed dog training — Puppy Kindergarten to Utility  — with classes, 
boarding school and private lessons. We also offer short term boarding for dogs that have been or are currently enrolled in our classes or participate as building members. 

Classes also include Therapy, Agility, Carting, Freestyle, Sassy Dog, Conformation, Tricks, Rally and Ring Procedure.

We prepare dogs for the Star Puppy,  Canine Good Citizen,  American Temperament Test Society, and therapy dog tests.  And help families solve dog issues — housebreaking, digging, chewing, and household problems.

Scotia and Miste at Ann Gafke's Teacher's Pet

Scotia (left) and Miste two of our active therapy dogs and obedience trainers

About our facilities:

Our 27 acres, 3,200-square-foot dog training building, 15,900-square-foot, fenced training yard and our boarding kennel are dedicated exclusively to dog training and puppy training activities.

We have a full array of obedience and agility dog training equipment. We have facilities for outdoor dog training including tracking, water sports and water rescue work.

How to get involved:

You may schedule private lessons and counseling sessions, enroll in classes or take an annual membership in our school.

Those memberships give families the fullest access to the building and grounds with its trails, ponds and outdoor dog training and puppy training areas.

Annual membership provides unlimited enrollment in dog training and puppy training classes for all dogs in the member’s dog family. Members may also use the training building and grounds for unlimited practice except during scheduled classes. Members also may participate in member-only events and classes.

We operate a boarding kennel that is open to dogs that are currently or have been previously enrolled in our programs.

You can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and join us on Google+. Here are videos about our school and dog training principles, techniques, and examples on our YouTube channel.

Here are the directions to get here.  325 E. Dripping Springs Rd., Columbia, MO 65202, (573) 443-0716.  We are home toKing’s Pride’s German Shepherd Dogs and Miste, Moss & Mither, our Border Collies.

About us:

Ann Gafke

Ann on her way to visit Border Collies in Scotland

Ann Gafke has been training dogs for 50 years. For most of that time, she has been helping others train their dogs. Her program has won national recognition for 4H. The work of her students has been published by National Geographic in the book Dogs on Duty and in the book Pets and the Elderly. Her therapy work has been honored by Missouri mental health organizations.

The American Kennel Club used her German Shepherd Dogs in its educational slide show on the German Shepherd Standard to represent ideal shepherd temperament.

Ann’s interest in Border Collies began about age 10, as she recalls. My great uncle who was born and raised and lived inScotland had a “rent-a-dog and shepherd” business where he rented Border Collies and a shepherd herdsman out to farmers to round up and bring in their flocks for lambing, sheering, shots, market, just what ever they needed.  He brought over here one of his Border Collies who had a litter of puppies on the way, on a Sunday morning in the main train depot in Kansas City, Missouri.  They were pictured on the front page of the Kansas City Star.  People from all over the country wanted one of those puppies.  I was just a kid about 10 years old, but I got one who stayed at my grandparents house at Sni-A-Bar Farms.

We invite you to use the Contact Us tab above to talk with us about to get involved with our dog activities.

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