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This class is the introduction to school and learning for dogs and mature puppies (over five months of age). Work is more formal and precise and more advanced than puppy kindergarten. Level 1 dog training teachers your dog to pay attention to you, to do as you say and to stay on task for longer periods of time. It helps your dog focus his or her energy.

  • Selecting and properly fitting training equipment
  • Walking at your side and sitting when you stop (Heeling)
  • Sitting, Lying down, Standing, and staying in those positions
  • Coming when called (a life-saving trait)
  • Tips on travel with your dog
  • Solutions to common problems  (Digging, Chewing, Barking, Jumping on people)
  • Developing good manners for visits to the vet
  • Grooming (Nail trimming, Dental care, Ear cleaning, Giving meds)
  • Introduction to agility.
  • Exercises to reduce the probability of dog bites

This Level 1 class prepares your dog for the first certificate exam in our school. It also  begins work toward the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certification (CGC).

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What it costs

The fee is $190. The fee covers the dog’s participation in the eight-week course, class handouts and other materials, no-cost telephone and e-mail consultation on handling and training problems during the enrollment. The fee also covers enrollment in the Level 1+ class following successful completion of puppy kindergarten. Payment is by check or cash.

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When it’s offered

We offer Level 1 nearly year-round in eight-week sessions.  We offer three sections of Level 1 during a week – Monday at 7 pm, Thursday at 6 pm and Saturday at 10 am. We begin the lesson on Mondays and repeat it on the other days. One should attend at least one session during a week. You may attend more often at no additional cost. See the school schedule.

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How to enroll:

Open the “Contact Us” tab and send us a note or to call to ask about classes or activities.  You and your dog(s) may begin  at any time that fits you schedule. It is not necessary to wait for the start of a new eight-week session. You may register online.

If you are starting after the first week of a session, the first time you attend, we will give you the “getting started” instructions and you can join the class after that.  You should plan to continue your attendance in the class in the subsequent session to pick up the lessons you may have missed if you began after the first week of a session.

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