Private Lessons

Clyde, an enthusiastic Lab, during a private lesson

Clyde, an enthusiastic Lab, pauses during a private lesson

Private lessons & consultation

You and your dog may meet with Ann Gafke for one-on-one private lessons or problem-solving consultation.

Sometimes, a private lesson is the best way to address a issue or training goal for your dog.  Sometimes, you may need a private session to supplement your participation in the classes you and your dog are taking.

The fee for private lessons & consultation is $70 per hour for dogs that are not enrolled in our classes, boarding school or as building members.

Of course, you have no-cost telephone consultation during your enrollment in any of the classes and for three months following completion of any boarding school session.

Use the Contact Us tab above to tell us about any issues or goals you have for your dog and to discuss how we might help with private lessons and consultation or in other ways.


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