Training Tips & Techniques

ann_logo_blankThere are four strategic training questions. Is your dog – 1) Paying attention; 2) Doing as you say; 3)  Staying on task; and 4) Having fun — and are you?

If the answer is “no” to one or more of those questions, you, as the dog’s teacher, need to change your approach to training.  Here are some tips:

Another way dogs serve

Snail sniffing dogThey find snails. Another job that perhaps only dogs can do — sniff out plant-destroying snails that threaten agriculture. Here is a short story about the task for two Labradors in the Galapagos.

Earn carting awards for your dog

AKC's carting recognition programCarting can be a hugely satisfying activity for handlers and dogs. Here is a description from the American Kennel Club about getting started.   The AKC has opened recognition for carting honors to mixed breed dogs. Our carting … Continue reading

New title holders

New_therapy_teams_4.25.15Congratulate these newly certified therapy dog and handler teams. They passed the certification test of Therapy Dogs International. Some of the dogs add to their names the title of Canine Good Citizen or the Advanced Canine Good Citizen of the American … Continue reading

Dog’s face says it all

Maddie's smileIf you’d like an example of a dog’s confident smile, check this one of Maddie taken Saturday, March 28.  Maddie is a 10-month-old Lab puppy. She had been working and playing with her new family, Josh and Kim, for … Continue reading

Intro to agility

The A-frameIn our beginning classes (Puppy Kindergarten and Level 1) this week (Feb 23-28), we will introduce the dogs to agility exercises — the A-frame, tunnels, the dog-walk, etc.  The agility exercises are great confidence boosters for the dog. It also … Continue reading