Tests & Certifications

TDI tester instructs applicants

TDI tester gives instructions during spring 2013 examination

Recognition is an important part of training to mark your progress and to help you set plans for other things you want to achieve with your dog. We have several programs to help you mark your progress and reach your goals.

National Recognition:

ATTS test site layout

Volunteers and evaluators ready for ATTS test


Puppy Kindergarten qualifies your puppy to earn the American Kennel Club’s S.T.A.R. Puppy Recognition.

In our basic classes we work toward the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certification (CGC).

In our advanced and specialty classes  we help you prepare for other recognition including A.T.T.S. (American Temperament Test Society) and other breed organization tests; T.D.I. (Therapy Dogs International); Delta (Delta Society Pet Partners) and other therapy organization tests, The classes also can prepare you for performance competition and recognition in obedience, agility, conformation,  free style, rally, etc.

Achievement Exams & Certificates:

Periodically, as you progress from one level of instruction to another, you may take the achievement exams to formally test your progress. We will give you a certificate to attest to your success. Here is the list of exams:

First certificate (Often after puppy kindergarten or Level I) On a leash. Includes loose-lead, clip-down heeling pattern with automatic sits. Sit/stay, one minute. Down/stay, three minutes. Stand/stay at end of a six-foot lead with another person touching the neck, withers and back of the dog. Figure eight. Recall from end of a six-foot lead with sit in front and finish.

Second certificate (Often at Level II) American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizenship test.

Third certificate (Often at Level III) Novice obedience routine in the building. AKC rules.

Fourth certificate (Often at Level V) C.D.X. “Open” obedience routine. AKC rules.

Fifth certificate (Often at Level VI) Utility obedience routine. AKC rules

Passing certificates and tests provide proof of training accomplishments for your dog’s portfolio, and may help people meet insurance requirements or obtain favorable insurance rates.


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