King’s Pride’s German Shepherd Dogs

King's Pride's German Shepherd Dogs

Some of our gang

 About our dogs and our aspirations:

We pride ourselves in having dogs with strong OFA background, sound temperament, structure and health, strong pigment and most of all loyal, loving companionship in our German Shepherds.

As German Shepherd Dog breeders, our interest is the total dog–beautiful, level-headed, intelligent, stable, trainable, healthy.

Through the years, our dogs have been in plays, movies, TV commercials and the like. Scarcity was on several Hallmark Card items, including a Christmas card.

Scotia -- a King's Pride German Shepherd Dog

Meet King’s Pride’s Scotia – our beautiful, active therapy dog and obedience trainer

Over the years as German Shepherd Dog breeders we have produced from our own breeding 6 OFA excellent dogs, six champions of record, many more with U.S. points, two futurity winners, 24 German Shepherds with CD, CDX and UD titles. We have bred dogs that have served as foundation stock for seeing eye dogs, service dogs and seizure detection dogs.

We have bred high-scoring-in-trial dogs, working police and undercover drug detection dogs. Two of our German Shepherd Dogs have herding Instinct certificates, five have tracking titles.

German Shepherds pose for Christmas picture

Steady — hold it — smile!

Many of our four-generation pedigrees have nearly 100 percent OFA certification for hips and elbows. Our German Shepherds have worked extensively in 4H youth projects and serve as therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes.

As companions, our German Shepherds of saved the lives of 12 of their human family members–from fires, gas leaks, and assaults.

The foundation of our German Shepherds is Ch. Yana, CD, ROM. She appeared in the 1982 and 1983 Redbook, the Register of Merit and Futurity and Maturity Tabulation system, published by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.


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