Boarding with training

Train puppy to pay attention

This heeling exercise teaches the puppy to pay attention and stay on task.

We can provide a place for your dog to stay while you travel. Our boarding services are open to dogs of families who currently are or have been enrolled in one or more of our training classes or who are building members.  We also provide boarding services for clients whose dogs have been in Boarding School.

We have individual indoor/outdoor runs in a country setting. The indoor portion is heated/air conditioned.  The dogs may go out and in at will except during storms and at night when we close the doors to the outside. While our runs provide ample exercise space for most dogs, we have fenced exercise areas should your dog need them.

We can provide training and conditioning sessions for your dog at the private lesson rate of $80 per hour.

Your dog should be current on all shots, including kennel cough, DHL and parvo. Ask your veterinarian specifically about those, since kennel cough and sometimes the others may not be part of a veterinarian’s routine shot schedule. Your veterinarian will need to provide  us certification that you dog has a current rabies and kennel cough inoculation.  When you leave your dog with us, you, as the owner, must sign a permission paper that will allow us to seek emergency veterinary care for your dog.  The emergency vet service requires us to show that permission grant.

The boarding fee is $27 per day. You can bring your dog to our kennel or pick up your dog after your trip on weekends and holidays. When you pick up your dog after 2 pm we ask that you pay for that day’s care – as a hotel does for a late checkout. We provide a $9.50 per day discount for dogs of building members.

Use the Contact Us tab above to talk with us about reserving boarding space and planning for training while you are away.

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