Boarding School

Boarding School alumni

Murphy (l) and Lexie, boarding school alumni

 Give your dog the training you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time.

What’s involved — Primary ObjectivesWhat is costsWhat your dog will learnFollow-up with you How to enroll —  Board School graduates

Boarding School is for puppies or adult dogs that could benefit from a concentrated training program that you don’t have time to give.

What’s involved:

Your dog stays with us for an concentrated, focused one-month (or sometimes, somewhat longer) dog training course on introductory basic obedience and work on special problems that you identify that can be corrected with obedience training and socialization. We follow-up with private and group lessons to help you take over.

Primary Objectives:

  • Learn to learn
  • Teach the dog to pay attention, comply and stay on task
  • Develop positive attitude and work habits
  • Learn basic manners
  • Socialize with other dogs and people
  • Acquire new obedience skills
  • Pass first certificate examination
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What it costs:

The Boarding School fee is $1,220 for the four-week training period.  

It may take longer than the four weeks for some dogs to pass the first certificate test. In those cases, the dog continues to stay with us; however, there is no additional charge for the boarding or training.

If after two weeks, we conclude that we are unable to teach your dog the material in the class, we will return the dog and refund the training fee and the unused portion of the boarding fee ($27 per day).

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What your dog will learn:

Shasta in training

Teaching Shasta a “finish” exercise

  • Heeling at your side (controlled walking for puppies)
  • Sit automatically when you stop
  • Stays–sit, down, stand
  • Come to you and sit in front (on leash)
  • Accept daily exam and grooming without squirming or biting
  • Introduction to agility
  • Work on manners (Accept treats gently without excess mouthing or jumping up on the handler, go in and out of doors without pulling, load/unload from automobile.)
  • Pass first certificate examination

Specific skills:

  • Loose-lead, clip-down heeling pattern with automatic sits
  • Sit/stay, one minute
  • Down/stay, three minutes
  • Stand/stay at end of a six-foot lead with another person touching the neck, withers and back of the dog
  • Figure-eight heeling pattern with automatic sitsRecall from end of a six-foot lead with sit in front and finish
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Golden Retriever Boarding School Alumni

Boarding school alumni — all eager to show off what they learned

What we do to follow-up our training with you:

Meet with you for two no-cost, private lessons when each session of Boarding School is over to help you learn how to work with your dog and enjoy the dog’s new skills and knowledge.

Enroll you and your dog in the appropriate next eight-week class so you can refine your handling skills with your dog in a group setting.

Provide no-cost telephone and e-mail consultation for three months after Boarding School graduation to answer your questions about handing techniques with your dog.

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How to enroll:

Call early to register. Enrollment in Boarding School is limited. Enrollment is by reservation

Before registration, we meet with you and your dog to evaluate the dog’s readiness for training. We may decide at that time that the Boarding School is not appropriate for your dog and we will cancel the reservation.

Use the Contact Us tab above to ask about the next available dates.

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Boone in training

Boone on a long down exercise

 Boarding School Graduates:

2017: Ace (Goldendoodle), Sammy (German Shepherd), Bruno (Labradoodle), Ruger (Rottie), Elke (German Shepherd), Alice & Adelaide (Cattle Dogs), Kendal (Goldendoodle), Brodie (Mastiff), Norman (Aussie), Maggie (Lab), Lola (Mini-Snauser), Aspen (Golden)

2016: Dolph (German Shepherd), Loki (German Shepherd), Porkchop (English Bulldog), Princess (English Bulldog), Hank (Labradoodle), Winston (Pit/Lab), Greetle (Mini-Doxie), Sully (Poodle), Ruby (Poodle), Lua (Poodle), Mjolnir (Malamute), Hero (German Shepherd), Gunnar (Lab), Premo (Mastiff/Pit)

2015:  Boo (Newfoundland), Wynton (Lab), Zeus (Shimba Inu), Hagrid (German Shepherd), Levi (Cattle Dog), Dukes (German Shepherd), Astra (Boxer), Kenzi (Shih Tzu), Yogi, (Labradoodle), Bella (Boxer), Bella (Beagle), Mizzy (Yorkie), Mick Jagar (Lab), Nanooke (Malamute), Cooper (Golden)

2014: Bailey (Great Pyrenees) Nickel (German Shorthaired Pointer), Lucy (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier), George (Doberman), Sammie (Doberman), Sasha (German Shepherd),  Stuart (Bull Terrier)

2013: Boone (Bloodhound), Chance (Pug), Stax (Huskie), Ceasar (German Shepherd), Mocha (Doberman), Sasha (Pit Bull/Boxer), Sienna (Ridgeback), Jelli (German Shepherd), Daisey (Border Collie/Lab), Gracie (German Shepherd), Jeb (Golden/Chow), Daisey (Golden), Sophie (Lab), Holly (Springer)

Earlier: Lexie (Irish Terrier), Beau (Newfoundland), Renka (Belgian Malinois), Shaka (German Shepherd), Shasta (German Shepherd), Murphy (Irish Wolfhound), Stormy (German Shepherd), Buddy (Lab), Clyde (Lab), GG (Weimaraner), Skippy (Manchester Terrier), Charlie (German Shepherd), Thunder (Lab/Great Dane)

Neme’ (Stafford Shire Terrier/Boxer), Lula (Lab), Buddy (All-American), Chamois (Lab),

Mocha in training

Mocha in “remain in place” training

Edin (German Shepherd), Cadbury (Lab), Kato (Golden), Molly (Golden), Miel (Lab), Allie (Golden), Shane (Mountain Kerr), Kooper (Lab), Sonny (Lab), Toby (English Sheepdog), Trove (German Shepherd)

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