Shot Record Required

While we have required owners to have their dog’s up to date on these shots, on the recommendation of our veterinarian and because of all the kennel cough stuff going around so much in Columbia, we now need to have the record on the vet’s letterhead for admission to training. This step is similar to what we require for boarding with us. 

Please bring the shot record when you come to class for the first time.  If you forget it, we will ask that you begin training at a later date when you have the record.  A shot reminder list that vets often supply will meet this requirement. An invoice might also have that information.

Here is the list of required inoculations. Your vet may adjust this list of shots for your particular dog’s needs. Your vet probably has given these as part of your routine care of your dog(s):




Para influenza


Parvo virus

Bordetella (Kennel cough)

And – Worm free check within the year

There is lots of kennel cough in this area this spring.  I understand the inoculation can often reduce the severity of the illness if the dog gets it – somewhat like our flu shots.

Thank you for your participation in this important step for canine health.

Roger Gafke

Contacts us with questions.

573 881 5446


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